Specialized architectural services

Specialized architectural services

The business partner of the pioneer collection from the past to the present

During these years, Pishgaman Company has had various business partners and has participated in many projects with many people.

Morteza Nazarizadeh Kermani is one of the pioneer business partners as a consultant, designer and architect.

Morteza Nazarizadeh Kermani, Iranian architect and writer, by gathering graduates from public and free universities and the cooperation and support of professors and a number of greats in the construction industry in 1390 in the field of architectural construction with the aim of creating an architecture-oriented group technology It is the basis of nature and anthropology.

He says: The first question is the things that must be answered. Do we have the right to build on the ground? Land that does not belong to us and soil that we destroy to enrich human life. We need to understand why we built and why we built from the beginning of history.

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